Roles: Programming, Gameplay Design, Asset Management
Tools: Unity3D
Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

Dreamscape was made as a part of a “Game Jam” that we put on at uni. It took our team of 3 around 4 weeks to come up with the idea, create assets, and code our way to what it is now. There are some bugs, and it’s far from a complete game, but it was a good experience and I learnt a lot about time management and team work.

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Even in your nightmares, you still have control.

Welcome to Walter’s mind. So peaceful and relaxed.. Or it would be if he wasn’t having a nightmare. You’d better help him out, he’s kinda useless by himself. Especially since the darker part of his mind is trying to drive him insane.


  • Control Walter as he walks and jumps through his own twisted nightmare
  • Shift gravity to solve puzzles
  • Avoid the apparitions of Walter’s psyche as they try to end his sanity
  • Refill your gravity shifting abilites at the Alters