Roles: Programming, Asset Management, Gameplay Development
Tools: Unity3D
Platforms: Windows, Android (as closed testing)

ADD is a game about space management and math. In add, you’ve presented a screen that will constantly fill up with two types of bubbles: Operators and Numbers. The objective is to clear space and get points, the higher the better. To clear space, you must create equations using the bubbles that spawn at an ascending rate. The result of each equation you create is then added to your score. If you’re too slow to clear space, you run out of space for new bubbles to spawn and it’s game over.

This prototype was made in 5 weeks, as a part of ACG YOOBEE School of Designs, Game Art and Development Diploma. With a team of 2 and with assistance from others.

How To Play:

To play the game all you need to do is click and drag your mouse over a number bubble, then a Operator Bubble, followed by another number. Once you have 3 bubbles selected you can ether continue the chain or let go of the click to confirm the selection.

Download at