Roles: Programming, App Optimization, App Deployment, Analytics Integration
Tools: Unity3D, Fabric
Platforms: PicoVR
Company: Mixt

Ripple was a Breast Cancer Foundation NZ application that was used by breast cancer patients in a closed trial. Using the PicoVR headset the user would be placed in a relaxed space with the option of stacking stones at the river, drawing in the sand, painting with clouds, and experiencing the serene landscapes of the Southern Alps.

Working with the team at Mixt I was the project lead towards the later half of the project development. We harnessed the 3DOF controller of the PicoVR to allow the user to control the UI and parts of the environment around them. With the goal of maintaining a calm and relaxing experience we aimed to create seamless loading and scene transitions through the use of background loading and resource optimization.