Roles: Programming, Asset Management, Application Deployment
Tools: Unity3D, Visual Studio, Maya
Platforms: Microsoft Hololens
Company: Mixt

The Hololens Museum (or ARtificat as it was sometimes called) was a small internal project I helped create at Mixt to demonstrate the capabilities and possibilities of the Hololens.

The basic idea of the project was to be able to setup a “museum” inside a work/office space by placing a number of 3D modeled artifacts (sourced from the British Museum’s 3D scans and reduced in-house to run smoothly on the Hololens hardware) using the Hololens headset and the Voice and Hand Gesture commands. This included: spawning/creating new objects; moving objects; rotating objects; scaling objects; and deleting objects. It was also capable of modifying existing objects if needed to apply any last minute tweaking/editing to an area that may have changed.

We also included object persistence – when the app was relaunched in the same space, the museum objects would be in the locations they were placed. The user would be in a “viewing mode” where the “pinch” gesture could be used to interact with the individual museum pieces and display information about the piece.

Unfortunately there is no playable demo of this project, but it is featured in this Stuff article at 0:53 in the video at the top of the page.