Roles: Programming, Asset Management, Application Deployment, AWS Integration
Tools: Unity3D, FFMPEG, Adobe Illustrator, Maya, Marmoset
Platforms: iOS, Android
Company: Mixt

Drive is a program created by NZ Transport Agency and ACC to create safe, skilled young drivers on New Zealand roads . There are many learning paths that Drive offers, from Learners, all the way to teaching others to drive.

DriveVR is a Mobile VR application with a focus on Learner drivers. The app has a number of different driving scenarios: Virtual Drive, Parallel Parking, and Roundabouts. Each of these experiences aim to show the user a rough look at what happens within a driving test, with the aim being to remove a lot of the anxiety that many people face during a test environment.

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I was involved in a variety of ways for this project, from gameplay programming, to maya animation. For the re-release of the app I became the lead programmer and development lead in charge of development delegation and the core gameplay systems.