Roles: Programming, Asset Management, AWS Integration, App Deployment
Tools: Unity3D, Adobe Illustrator, FFMPEG
Platforms: iOS, Android, Oculus Go (internally used for Expo’s and Demonstrations)
Company: Mixt

BCITO VR (My Virtual Construction Site) was created to showcase different trade careers within New Zealand. With a short 360 video and narration for each trade it gives an incite into the trades unique environment. Interactive gaze points also allow the user to gain more information for qualification times and career paths for a particular trade.

There is also a simple Game of Trades game in the app. The user guesses the correct tool for each of the trades and gets a final score that they can share to Facebook with their friends.

Available for download Android & iOS
Also available in your Web Browser

I was the solo mobile app developer for this project with Mixt. I was in charge of the app structure, interactive elements, analytics, and Facebook integration. Along with the video and audio engineers we coordinated with the web development team to create a coherent experience across all supported platforms.

I was also in charge of creating a modified Oculus Go version of the app for internal use by the BCITO team that could be used at events and demonstration environments.