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Elegant Leaderboard Script

So a while ago I posted a hideous, but working, example of what I was using as my leaderboard script. Having had a few months learning more about code, I have come up with a FAR more elegant solution to the problem! Enter Linq!

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Terminull Demo available now!


Uploaded a demo of Terminull! You can download it for free, so go check it out! Let me know what you think, give it a share. All the fun stuff.

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We did a group project. It’s a thing. You can download it. Go do that.
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Leaderboard Script

Leader boards are a pretty common thing in games. They’re actually pretty simple to implement once you get your head around it.
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Equation Programming

So equations are quite simple;
You have a number, an operator, and another number.
Simple… Until you try and pass in the variable from another script and try to follow BEDMAS or PEMDAS or whatever else you want to call the order of operations. Continue reading “Equation Programming”

Finally got a trailer done for Terminull! Took me about a week to create after getting game footage and sorting out all the sounds.

Check out the trailer and some more information on Terminull.

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IGF Entry

Made an entry into the Independent Game Festival for Terminull! Won’t know for a while how well I will do, but it’s exciting stuff!
You can have a look at the entry here.

Updates to come!

Playable Build at WTN Armageddon!!

Woop! Managed to get playable build in time for Wellington Armageddon! Continue reading “Playable Build at WTN Armageddon!!”

Made some improvements to the glitch gates. Nothing final yet, but it’s a start. The idea is that the glitch is caused by a short circuit by the break in the gate. The more breaks, the more powerful the glitch will be. Stay tuned!

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